Meditation for beginners

Keeping up a regular meditation practice can bring incredible benefits like increased focus, greater calm, and reduced stress. Our meditation for Beginner's Path is designed to introduce simple techniques in a natural progression, helping you to learn with one beginner meditation class at a time.

Begin your practice in our Meditation Path, a 16-class series for beginners

Let us guide you on your journey inward. Follow our beginner meditation path to cover everything from how to sit to where to place your attention.



Class 3

Calm Seat

Sara Clark Meditation

5 mins



Class 5

The Courage to Change

Amy Ippoliti Audio Meditation

Level 1-2 5 mins



Class 8

Fluid Self

Tara Judelle Audio Meditation

Level 1 5 mins




Class 11

Simple and Sweet

Taylor Harkness Audio Meditation

Level 1 5 mins


Class 12

Expanding Love

Kia Miller Meditation

Level 1 10 mins




Meet Our Beginner Meditation Teachers

Our professional teachers will guide you through your beginner meditation with comprehensive online classes.

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